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Curiouser and curiouser...

‘Drink me.’ Hmmm, better look first.

27 August
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i'm in slytherin!

be sorted @ nimbo.net

Ahem. Before we continue, I must warn you about some of my speech/typing habits. I speak in random spanish. Although I am not actually spanish. And I say yo. ALOT. I throw yo's out like candy.

If guard were easy it'd be called cheerleading. - no not really, but I thought it was kinda funny! I respect (most) of the cheerleaders ^_^

"History, despite its wrenching pain, cannot be unlived, but if faced with courage, need not be lived again." - Maya Angelou

"The main thing in one's own private world is to try to laugh as much as you cry."

Rawr. I have come to take your soul. Or ya know, not...

I am condoms in the drawer at the Seto's Office Blog Crew.

Seto's Office Blog Crew
[±] → Laptop
[±] → Chair
[±] → Yaoi Doujinshi
[±] → Bush
[±] → Phone
[±] → Window
[±] → Desk
[±] → Briefcase
[±] → Condoms in Drawer
[±] → Chewed-on pen
[±] → Duel-Disk Prototypes
[±] → The Blue-Eyes White Pipe Cleaner Dragon
[±] → Letter Opener
[±] → Coffee Mug
[±] → Executive Ball-Clicker

jou/seto is love
brought to you by the isLove Generator

slytherin is love
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seto/joey is love
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fanfiction is love
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winter guard is love
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tsubasa is love
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yaoi is love
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Most of these colorbars were snitched from my old name sorrow_goddess, and I'm pretty sure all of them have credit on them... if not, just tell me, and I'll stick it there... just dun kill me... I'm not taking credit for any of them.

Akuroku is Love

Kingdom Hearts is Love

Kendra is Galinda Love!

Kingdom Hearts is OMFG OBSESSIVE Love.

Utada Hikaru is Japanesy Love.

by: baggsofdoom

Ayumi Hamasaki is (inspired) love

George W. Bush is a good president, pissed that this is in rainbow colors...not love

DDR is love an addiction

Sailor Moon is bubbly attitude love

By: _kouki_

Bush is 'I Am So Moving To Canada' non-love.

George Bush is Love A Goddamn Moron...

Tinkerbell is Sassy Pixie!Love

From: colorbar_love

Kaiba LOVES Jou
Colorbar by chibichula.

Shuichi LOVES Yuki
Colorbar by chibichula.

By: chibichula

KaiJou is (puppy) love.

KaiJou is (puppy) love.

by: clear_as_blood

KaiJou is ♡

<a href="http://www.livejournal.com/community/jou_loves_kaiba/177956.html>Seto/Joey is Puppy Love.</a></center>
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